An Answer To Our Most Frequently Asked Question

mariaOmnis CrossFit has been open for a little over a month now, and every day we are awed by its success, which we can only attribute to you guys – our members, who show up, work hard, and remind us daily of why we love doing this so much. Y’all make any and every hiccup we might experience along the way totally worth it. We want to give you the best fitness experience we can, and we hope you’re finding that your new home with Omnis lives up to your standards.

We get asked a lot of things, but probably the most prolific question is, “But what does it MEAN?” In the entire spectrum of potential names for a CrossFit box, what made us choose Omnis CrossFit? (Personally, the author of this blog was really rooting for CrossFit Flexual Healing, but alas the owners pulled rank and so Omnis it is. I think it’s a pretty good name, as far as names lacking innuendo go.) rachel and bobby

Omni- is a prefix you’re probably familiar with: the word omnipotent means “all-powerful;” the word omnivore means you eat both meat & plant-based food. In this instance, “omnis” is just the root word for that prefix; it means “all” or “everything.”

As to why we picked it? For several reasons. First, we want to incorporate a more rounded approach to health and fitness. We’re not just a gym, not just a CrossFit gym. We want you to be stronger AND faster AND more mobile; we want you to perform better and feel better. This is why we offer chiropractic care, yoga, and access to a specific, proven nutritional program through Onyx Nutrition.

Additionally, Omnis – all – stands for who is welcome. The founding members of Omnis come from all different walks of life – stay at home moms, lawyers, bakers, government employees, small-business owners, teachers, you name it. Some of us played sports, sherry and billsome of us are retired couch potatoes. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all archetype of an Omnis Athlete. We want everyone – beefcake and cupcake, old and young, thick and thin. We promise to never make anyone feel like they don’t belong or aren’t welcome. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a place for you and can relate to you. We know how to help you and we want, wholeheartedly, nothing more than to help you.

Lastly, Omnis is a request, for you. We want your all. We can give you the tools to help you succeed, but we can’t do the work for you. We want you come in and give us your 100% every class, and we promise you’ll see results. We realize that everyone’s 100% looks different, and we won’t fault you for that. But if your 100% is 15 pounds or 400, we want to see you put in the work. Don’t say “I can’t,” don’t come up with an excuse. We’re giving you our very best, and we’d like you to give us yours in return. Everyone has bad days, of course, and sometimes your Mercury will be in retrograde, or whatever. But even on the hard days, don’t ever give up – we want you to be all in.

You’ll notice that our logo, the O, is made up of several pieces. This is to help remind you of ouromnis_fb_main_forweb_new mission: that all the different components of our box & our program are meant to come full circle and complete the vision of a healthier, better YOU. Also, as wedding vows and girls with infinity tattoos like to remind you, a circle is has no beginning and end; it goes on forever. This, too, represents your fitness: as long as you are putting in the work, there will never be an end to the goals and accomplishments you can achieve. Five, fifteen, or fifty years from now, there will always be a way to surprise yourself with how you’ve improved.

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  2 comments for “An Answer To Our Most Frequently Asked Question

  1. Rachel Graham
    April 30, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I looked up the name not long after the gym opened (yep, nerd right here) and according to ‘wiktionary etymology’ its root is derived from the verbal root ‘hep’ meaning “to work” and I thought that was fitting too:-) Your blog posts are my fav!

  2. April 30, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    I was wondering where the name derived from. Thanks for the explanation. And it’s always good to see old friends. 🙂

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