2015/08/22 – Omnis CrossFit Daily Wod

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Knees to Chest with feet in rings (ME-ME-ME)

Lower a set of rings to within a couple inches of the ground. Place feet in rings and assume a plank position. Bring knees to chest while maintaining as neutral a position as possible

Metcon (Time)

5 RFT-

18 MB Chest Pass (20/14)

12 Hand Slaps (from plank)

6 Junk Yard Dogs
This is a partner WOD.

For the MB Chest Pass, stand ~10ft away, hips and shoulders square to partner.

Hand Slaps from plank- assume push up position facing your partner. Without rocking too much, alternate between tapping your right and left hand to theirs. This will be 6 slaps on each hand.

Junk Yard Dogs- This will be 6 reps for each partner for both jumping over your partner’s arms and legs AND jumping over/crawling back. Alternate as you normally would during the Junk Yard Dog warm-up, but now it’s for time!

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