No Classes (Home WOD Only)!!!! Moving to new location!!!


So the time has finally arrived to move locations!!! Classes at Omnis will be cancelled Thursday February 18th until the following Monday. Thanks to Brian there will be home WODS programmed for you to do if you would like. If you want to help move, Thursday morning will be the time to do so. We will start around 8:30.

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Metcon (Time)

Home WOD:

For Time:


DU Jumps*


Mountain Climbers (L+R=1)

Alternate back and forth between the jumps and the MT Climbers, decreasing the reps each round.

*DU Jumps are DUs without the rope. Work on keeping feet together and weight on the balls of your feet. Jumping to hit a target about 6 inches above your head with an upright torso, and then landing in exactly the same way as you started with knees slightly bent.

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