The Solution is Simple, But Hard



If you watched the video above, then you know these are the words of Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit.  Basically it is what we all know but do not want to hear about health and fitness.  The problem is easily identified, the solution is simple, but hard…

The way to make it “easier” is to be in a community that supports you and lifts you up.  You may get this from a friend or spouse, but in my experience you cannot rely on one person.  You need a group of like minded people fighting everyday to achieve the same goal.  We are fighting to make the best of this life and this body we have been given, because we only have one of each.

I say fighting because that’s what it is.  There is no quick/easy cure.  There is a reason there are new infomercials every time you turn on the television.  It’s because none of the items or ideas work, or if they do, the repetitiveness causes a person to quit at some point in time.  What’s the one constant with every new weight loss pill or miracle solution?  The results were blah blah blah….with DIET AND EXERCISE.  Hmmmm…..  That is the “simple” Mr. Glassman was talking about, but also the hard part because of the time and effort you have to put forth.

The one piece of advice I give people when they come in and are interested in CrossFit or just getting healthier, is that if you are thinking about it now, do not wait any longer.  Just walk through the doors and commit.  If you do not, another five years will go by and you will be further down a path you may not have wanted to take.  You will look back wishing you had just started then and you might be where you want to be now.  Time will pass no matter what so do not wait until the new year, do not wait until Monday or even tomorrow.  Start now.


Dr. Brady DeClerk, D.C., CF-L1


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