Omnis CrossFit Daily WOD, 11/03/2017


Omnis Games (Regular Programming) 11/6-11/10. Bring a friend for free day…Thursday November 9. Ask a coach for any other details.

Omnis CrossFit – CrossFit

Non-functional Friday

Seated Arnold Press (7-7-7-7)

Super Set with the DB Rows

Single Arm DB Row (7-7-7-7)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 minute EMOM-

4 T2B

6 Deadlift

8 Front Rack Lunge

RX: 115/75

RX+: 135/95

The goal is to finish. If you don’t, your score is the number of rounds you completed plus reps into the next unfinished round. If you do NOT finish a round, still continue to work until the 12 minutes is up.

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