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Metcon (No Measure)

Pull-up Clinic

Work on the next stage in your pull-up skills (kipping, butterfly, chest-2-bar, etc)

Metcon (Time)

Partner Race to 3K E2MOM

E2MOM for each movement

-15 wallballs

remaining time row

*P1 completes wall balls and P2 rows the remaining time within the 2 min. (alternate partners each 2 min) Once 1000m is complete move to…

-10 box jumps

remaining time row

* move on once 2000m is complete

-5 burpees

remaining time row

* when 3000m is complete that is your time!
if you row more than 1000m while on wallballs those meters count toward your 2000m etc

ex. my 4th round of wall balls i hit 1000m with 30 sec left so i continue rowing and end up at 1200m. at the start of the next 2 min i move to box jumps and it takes three 2 min intervals to get to 2000m and i still have time left so i get to 2100m and then the start of the next two min i move to 5 burpees but on my 4th 2 min interval i call time within my 2 min interval bc i reached 3000m

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