Omnis CrossFit Daily WOD, 6/29/2018

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300m Row (Time)

CONTEST TIME!!! Brian Jansen from Torpedo Joes (Fireworks Stand) has a challenge for our members for free fireworks. Fastest times get $20 worth. There will be male and female winners for under 40 and 40 and over age groups.

Strict Pull-Up (ME-ME-ME-ME)

Full range of motion pull-up without kipping. Start with arms fully extended and end with chin over the bar.
For Today, bands will be allowed for these. Do as many strict pull-ups as possible without a band, then use the skinniest band possible that will allow you do do at least 5 more.

If you have no strict pull-ups, start with the skinniest band possible that allows you to do at least 5 reps, then go to the next band up and do as many as possible. That will be 1 set. Log in the notes which bands you used.

Metcon (Calories)

In teams of 3 or 4-

10 rounds each person

30 Seconds on Assault Bike

With a continuously running clock, athletes will bike for calories switching every 30 seconds until each person has done 10 rounds.

3 person teams will finish in 15 minutes with 30s work 60s rest

4 person teams will finish in 20 minutes with 30s work 90s rest

Score will be total Calories for the team.

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