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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner WOD:

Partner WOD:

4 min amrap

-10 push-ups

-20 slam balls

-30 kB swings (70/53)

-divide reps as needed

2 min rest

4 min amrap

30 kB deadlifts (70/53)

20 OH lunges (with slam ball)

(Divide reps as needed)

10 synchronized burpees

2 min rest before doing the 4RFT

Score- combined rounds and reps for amrap. Time for RFT.

Metcon (Time)


200m kb suitcase carry (100m then switch hands) one person works and other just walks with partner

20 box jump overs (partners must alternate)

20 slam ball squats (one partner does 5, passes to partner, who performs 5 and so on)

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