Omnis CrossFit Daily WOD, 12/1/2018

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Metcon (Time)

With a partner, for time:

Deadlift 5500/4000 lbs

Front Squat 4250/3000 lbs

S2OH 3000/2000 lbs

Power Snatch 1750/1000 lbs

Each team will have one barbell. The load on the barbell is up to you.

You will perform as many reps as needed at the weight you choose until you have surpassed the required load for that movement.

You do not have to use the same weight for all 4 movements, BUT you cannot change the weight on the bar until you have completed the required reps for that movement (ie- you cannot start the deadlifts at 315, decide it is too heavy and reduce the weight, we will not recalculate required reps during the WOD).

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