The coaches at Omnis CrossFit are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health. Whatever your goals may be, the coaches at Omnis CrossFit have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed!

Dr. Brady DeClerk – Owner/Coach

Brady attended the University of Arkansas where he studied Kinesiology.  He then attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO where he received his bachelors in Human Biological Sciences and also his Doctorate in Chiropractic.  Brady grew up playing team sports and competing at both all-state and all-conference levels.  When Brady discovered CrossFit he was immediately impressed by the program’s technique and methodology. As a licensed chiropractor, Brady quickly realized how beneficial CrossFit can be to someone’s overall health.  As co-owner of Omnis CrossFit and owner of Omnis Rehab Joint and Performance Center, Brady has created a space where he can combine functional fitness and rehabilitation.  Brady’s main advice for someone starting CrossFit is to “take things slow.  No matter if you’ve been working out your entire life or you are new to a gym facility, focus on form and function first.  Strength and speed will come quickly if you do things right from the beginning.”
Certifications: Chiropractor; CrossFit Football; CrossFit Level 1





Shea DeClerk Halbert – Owner/Coach

Shea received her BA in Communications from the University of Arkansas; attended the William H Bowen School of Law; and is a member of the Arkansas Bar. Shea has always been involved in athletics, but it wasn’t until she started CrossFit that was able to tap into her full athletic ability and discover strength she never knew she had.  After her brother Brady introduced her to CrossFit, it only took one class and Shea knew this was her thing.  “I fell in love with not only doing CrossFit, but helping other people in my classes.” Shea loves working with people and helping them feel better about themselves. “I specialize in creating an atmosphere where members feel welcomed, accepted, supported, and encouraged.  I want them to have fun while becoming healthier people both physically and mentally.”
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids








Brian Reynolds – Coach

Brian earned degrees in both Management and Information Systems from the University of Central Arkansas.   He was involved in team sports for most of his life, focusing on soccer in high school and college. When knee problems forced him to quit playing, it was while researching various therapy methods that he discovered CrossFit.  “I knew part of what made me love soccer so much was the team aspect and community.  I tried doing my own thing for a while but hit a wall.  I got invited to attend a CrossFit class and after that class I was hooked.”  Soon after beginning CrossFit, Brian became interested in the coaching aspect and attended the Level 1 Trainer course in April 2013.  Wanting to continuously improve as a coach and learn new skills, he has attended several CrossFit specialty courses, plus the Level 2 Trainer course.  Most recently, he achieved the distinction of Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT  or CF-L3).
Brian loves watching people come into CrossFit as a complete novice and then learning a new skill or meeting a weight or performance goal.  He hopes to be able to show people that CrossFit can be for everyone – from collegiate athletes to grandparents.
Certifications: Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer Certificates and Specialty Courses:  CrossFit Gymnastics; CrossFit Movement and Mobility; CrossFit Weightlifting


Aaron Hardage – Coach

Aaron is a veteran endurance athlete who has won two 12-hour adventure races and ran a 4-hour 9-minute marathon. He’s also participated in multiple half marathons with a PR (personal record) of 1:42.  As an avid runner and mountain biker, Aaron assumed he was in the best shape of his life. But after one CrossFit class, he quickly realized that although he was heart healthy, he lacked strength and mobility.  Thanks to CrossFit, Aaron has learned how to maintain his endurance without sacrificing his gains. It’s a unique balance that he’s mastered and continues to share with members.
Certifications: CrossFit Endurance; CrossFit Level 1; Pose Method Running Coach



Heath Griffith – Coach

Heath holds a BS in Engineering from Arkansas Tech University and volunteers his time as a youth baseball coach and volunteer firefighter.  Heath is a seasoned athlete who has always enjoyed training.  It’s was his love of weightlifting that initially attracted him to CrossFit. It gave him a new appreciation for technique, and pushed him outside of his comfort zone. He also found the competitive atmosphere to be a great motivator. As a coach, Heath likes to emphasize progress through repetition. It’s an ideal derived from one of his favorite quotes. “Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1




Lindsey Black – Coach

Lindsey holds a BS in Dietetics/ Nutrition and was a group exercise instructor until she was introduced to CrossFit by a fellow trainer.  Lindsey quickly went from participating in CrossFit classes to coaching classes.   In addition, Lindsey is the owner/operator of Onyx Nutrition which is the nutrition segment of Omnis CrossFit. Onyx Nutrition specializes in helping athletes find the important balance between strength and speed, using food as a tool to fuel the body and get rid of excess fat, while keeping and gaining lean muscle mass.
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1; CrossFit Level 2




Patrick Pipkin – Coach

As the son of a dietitian father and PE teacher mother, Patrick was always surrounded by a focus on health and activity.  He grew up involved in “non-traditional” sports such as gymnastics and is still passionate about cycling, kayaking and rock climbing.  He has always loved pushing himself both physically and mentally.  After years of “CrossFit-style” garage workouts, Patrick came to Omnis and immediately fell in love with the community.  “The combination of a competitive atmosphere mixed with the most welcoming and encouraging exercise community I’d ever been a part of immediately sold me, and I knew there was no turning back.”  It’s CrossFit’s focus on functional movement that Patrick found particularly appealing.  “Functional movement transfers to every area of a person’s life… and to every age. My personal goal, and my goal for all our athletes, is to be able to stay active and independent well into the ‘golden years’.”
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1




Alan Bennett – Coach  

Alan received a BS in Microbiology from the University of Arkansas and volunteers as a trap coach for his kid’s school team.  Alan also owns a catering business where he is constantly evaluating menus and the nutritional value that food has for the human body.  You may have seen Alan cooking on KATV’S Good Morning Arkansas where he has been a guest chef on a monthly basis for the past 15 years.  Alan is quick to point out that healthy living is based on a good nutritional diet with intense exercise.  His favorite quote is “you can’t outrun your fork.”  As a CrossFit coach, Alan’s favorite days are the ones where a new face walks in the door.  “The hardest part of CrossFit is walking in the front door that first day.  All the other days are easy compared to that day. CrossFit is the only sport where everyone cheers the loudest for the person who finishes last.”
Certifications: CrossFit Level 1


Breanna Tatum – Coach

Breanna grew up playing team sports.  She played basketball and softball throughout high school where she made All Conference.  A few years after having her son, Breanna found herself struggling with “baby weight”.  Going to the gym and doing the same things each and every day became boring and did not result in the changes she desired.  The day she walked into a CrossFit box was the day she was hooked and never looked back.  “Every day and every week is different with CrossFit; therefore, no matter where you start, you never stop improving.”  She says it was the team atmosphere that she has always loved most about CrossFit – people cheering for each other while going through the same experience and pushing each other to succeed.
Certifications:  CrossFit Level 1

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