Omnis CrossFit is proud and excited to use Wodify.  Wodify is a digital whiteboard system specific to CrossFit.  Wodify software is based in the cloud, so athletes of Omnis CrossFit can access Wodify from ANYWHERE! Wodify helps Omnis CrossFit manage its athletes and provides a digital kiosk and display screen that replaces the traditional whiteboard.  Athletes receive the free app for their smartphone which they will be able to use to check into class, record their WOD results, and manage their account.  They can even sync the app with their social networks!  (Forget your phone?  No worries!  You can also use the kiosk to enter your information).  Wodify connects all Omnis CrossFit athletes with the same program that’s tailored just for Omnis CrossFit athletes.   Wodify technology records performance metrics, remembers strength and metcon benchmarks, and allows athletes to track their performance and sign into class on the go or sitting at their desk.  In addition, Wodify includes affiliate management tools so that athletes can stay up-to-date with announcements (even texts) from the box, and sign any required forms before they even step foot into the box.

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